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KATE SWEENY, Green Party Candidate - 7th April

Kate Sweeny is the Green Party candidate in the general election.

Kate grew up in East Yorkshire and has been an NHS Speech and Language Therapist for 27 years.

She has lived in the Calder Valley for 10 years.

The Green Party believes that many people want an alternative to the ‘usual suspects’ at this election, and that we’re well placed to provide it. Here’s why:

  • Only the Greens want to protect the NHS from increasing privatisation.
  • Only the Greens are free from the taint of sleaze – UKIP, the BNP and the supposed “main parties” were all involved in the recent scandals.
  • Only the Greens want to take the railways back into public ownership.
  • Only the Greens want to raise the state pension to £170 per week.
  • Only the Greens want to scrap Trident totally.
  • Only the Greens want to abolish the bonus culture.
  • Only the Greens want to allocate at least 1% of gross national product to development aid.
  • Only the Greens want to remove the charitable status of public schools.
  • Only the Greens want to create a million new jobs to salvage our economy.

What was that other thing? Oh yes – the environment! Don’t be fooled by ‘greenwash’ - only the Greens are committed to 90% CO2 reductions by 2030. This is what we need in order to keep the effects of climate change within acceptable limits.

People say that a vote for us is “wasted” but this is nonsense. In Calderdale our active membership has trebled over the last 18 months, and the polls say there will be Green MPs in Parliament from now on. The only wasted vote is for something or someone you don’t believe in. Please consider voting Green if you want a real change!