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General Election July 2024

Candidate messages to the HebWeb

Jim McNeill - SDP
Do you remember the Social Democratic Party? It is usually abbreviated to the SDP. It started in 1981 and was reborn in 2018.

It is a party that believes it is okay to be a proud British citizen and that it is okay to govern our own country.

It is a party that believes that we do not have to sell our industries and services to other countries or the private sector.

A classic case would be the water industry. The profits of this previously taxpayer owned industry now go to private shareholders.This means there is less money available to invest in keeping our rivers and seas free of sewage. And with a fast growing population this problem is only going to get worse.

Another case is the railway system. This has been partially privatised in a very complex manner and is still dependent on subsidies from the taxpayer. The SDP would gradually take the railways back into taxpayer ownership and simplify the ticketing system for all to use. We would also support the manufacture of rolling stock in this country, thereby creating jobs and preserving skills.

The SDP would like to support joined up thinking. Why, with an increasing population, are we covering farmland with solar panels when we could use the roofs of houses,offices and factories? It is imperative that we reserve good farmland so that we can be more self-sufficient in food production.

The SDP believes that the state should get involved in house building. This is to ensure houses are built in the right place (not on the green belt) and of the right size to suit the ordinary family. Such a house would be for rent initially, but could be sold to the residents provided the profit was used to build another house for rent.

The SDP believes that a life on benefits is not sustainable either personally or financially for the taxpayer. Therefore the state should provide work for the unemployed at minimum wage in the local community to ensure human talents are not lost, and the taxpayer receives a return.

The SDP intends to stop mass immigration. There are currently nearly a million people coming into the country every year. This cannot be sustained. We cannot provide housing,or prompt healthcare to citizens as it is. Therefore immigration should be restricted to less than 50,000 people a year to allow entry only for skilled individuals such as surgeons or for immediate family reunification.

We need to train our own skilled professionals, rather than importing them. For instance we have many well qualified people who could train to become doctors and nurses. It cannot be right to poach medical staff from much poorer countries. The same principles apply to other skilled occupations.

I hope you can see how SDP intends to build a country of productive citizens. Only by doing this can we help other less fortunate nations.

Donal O'Hanlon (Liberal Democrat)
In the Upper Valley, a smallholding is home to a dedicated individual with a rich background in public service and a passion for community.

For 25 years, this has been the shared life of Jo and their spouse Donal, a former Borough Councillor from Prestwich. Eight years ago, they relocated to Todmorden, embracing the vibrant community and picturesque landscapes.

Donal's professional journey is rooted in the meticulous world of risk engineering. With a career spanning insurance underwriting, health and safety, property construction, fire and security protection, and business continuity. This work has provided opportunities to work all over Europe with an array of public sector entities, housing projects, and large commercial organizations.

Beyond professional commitments, Donal leads a life enriched by hobbies and community involvement. Their smallholding is bustling with sheep, horses, and cats, demanding considerable care and attention. Sporting activities like five-a-side football and gym sessions add a dynamic element to their routine. Additionally, they find joy in jogging or hiking across the moors and are avid supporters of live music, frequenting local venues such as the Polished Knob and Burnley Mechanics.

Driven by a desire to address widespread dissatisfaction with the major political parties Donal has stepped forward as a candidate. He recognizes the frustration many feel towards the Conservatives and Labour, particularly the choice between Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer.

Donal believes that the people of Calder Valley deserve a reasonable alternative, someone who can represent their concerns and advocate for change. His commitment to the Liberal Democrats stems from a belief in the party's democratic policy-making process, which involves all members rather than being dictated by leaders who ignore the wishes of their members. As such, the party has a range of progressive policies, created democratically by its members including reforming our broken political system.

Donal underscores the Liberal Democrats' promise of sound economic judgement coupled with fairness and compassion. Reflecting on the coalition government experience of 2010, he highlights the valuable lessons learned from past mistakes, positioning the party as a wiser and more effective choice today. In a political landscape often marred by over-promising and under-delivering, the Donal assures voters of a balanced and reliable approach.

As the election draws near, the residents of Calder Valley are presented with a candidate who combines professional expertise, community engagement, and a clear vision for a better future. The promise of sensible, democratically crafted policies and a commitment to genuine representation offers a refreshing alternative in a time of political disillusionment.

Donal is campaigning to turn the underutilised Todmorden Health Centre site into an Urgent Treatment Centre which would treat urgent non-life-threatening problems. This would be of major benefit to everyone living in and around Hebden Bridge.

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